Friday, 5 February 2016

What to do when QuickBooks multi-user mode is not working?

QuickBooks runs the accounting and payroll system for a lot of businesses. Still there are a lot of people to which the working of QuickBooks in multi-user system is strange. It’s always a challenge providing continuous access to the resources in the database but sometimes multi-user mode stops working in QuickBooks. Generally, this happens if the ports are open, not figured correctly or access is not granted to the ports. Disabling the firewall gives a solution to this problem or open the required ports in server’s firewall. Some other solutions to multi-user mode not working are:

1. Uninstall QuickBooks then reinstall it on the host machine, check if multi-user is started, then open the company file.
2. Check if the QuickBooks database manager is still running on the server on which hosting of file is done. If not, make sure its running. It is better to run this on a server rather than a workstation
3. Delete the recent access list of the users that have opened QuickBooks then if possible, re-add it there. Check whether the ‘open file in multi-user mode’ tab has by default changed to single user mode, if yes change it back.
4. Its possible that if you run several QuickBooks company files on one workstation, all of them cannot be started in multi-user mode. Here the multi-user mode fails and the QuickBooks database manager is defaulted to single user mode.
5. The company file needs to be closed once you login into QuickBooks. Once you are successfully logged in then sign in into other workstations.
6. Make sure that ‘host multi-user access’ button is not selected by any of the users. For avoiding forced single user interface the ‘switch to multi-user mode’ needs to be activated while ‘host multi-user access’ needs to be deactivated.

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